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Swing to BALANCE includes a 22 minute video tape and a fully illustrated Practice Manual. The Video models and explains the Swing to BALANCE method. The Practice Manual permits you to take the lessons to the course with you. Order extra Practice Manuals to make learning a fmaily affair.

Swing to BALANCE is a unique teaching method that will help you create a "perfect" golf swing. Perfect swings are illustrated in every golf book and magazine. Rather than "perfect" they are referred to as BALANCED.

Golf is a muscle memory game. Swing to BALANCE will help you reprogram your body with four static BALANCED positions. Then, using the practice techniques illustrated in this video, you can create a dynamically BALANCED swing.

The Swing to BALANCE method helps players at all levels and of all ages. For beginners, learning is faster, easier, and more fun. Advanced players learn to imprint confidence before every shot and focus on playing the game. Seniors increase distance and accuracy. Juniors learn the BALANCED swing from the beginning.

Many players are frustrated trying to "fix" their old swing. Bill will tell you that "fixing is the wrong approach." Efforts to "fix" your old swing lead to constant manipulation, lack of confidence, and disappointing results. The Swing to BALANCE method will help you create a new swing that, over time, will replace your old habits.

If you learn to Swing to BALANCE you will experience dramatic improvement in your game.


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Swing to BALANCE
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