What Others Have Said


"Swing to BALANCE really works - WOW!"
Dennis Bridges (10 Handicap)

"I'm knocking the flags down. I'm inspired to play competitively again."
Red Spittle, Two-time Canadian Amateur Champion District Mid-Am Champion

"My twelve year old daughter figured out how to swing in 20 minutes.
Swing to BALANCE is really easy for a beginner to learn."
Peter Benson

"I've played for years - I've never felt this way. It's really smooth and it immediately builds confidence."
Jeff Lawson

"It has been difficult to adopt to various instruction techniques. Swing to BALANCE helped clairfy the fundamentals of a sound golf swing and presented it in a way that is easy to understand and implement."
Bill Petrarca (30 handicap)

"After 30 years of playing golf, I now understand the simplicity of the 'perfect' golf swing. With the Swing to BALANCE process my major swing change occurred quickly and permanently. I now hit the ball consistently, confidently, and without the hip and back pain that my old swing produced."
Jane Strathman (8 handicap)


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Swing to BALANCE
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